please help my Rooster won't eat.


May 30, 2017
hi please help me figure out how to get my rooster to eat.
he broke the tip of his top beak, and it has since healed.
but I recently noticed that he can't pick up his food like he's used to.
the upper beak is too short.
he's also weary of "pecking" down hard to eat, which is how he broke it. pecking too hard.
any suggestions on how or what to get him to eat until it grows back?
will it grow back to full length?

thanks in advance
is this clear enough.
sorry it's hard to get him to hold still.
I've never trimmed a bird's beak, but I know it is something poultry farmers sometimes do. If you can trim the unbroken beak to near the length of the healed beak so he can eat, that might take care of things while they grown back. I've heard tell of folks using dog toenail clippers to trim the beak and of folks filing the beak with an emery board. Just take care not to catch his tongue.
will it grow back to full size?
any food suggestions that are easy to grab for them?

thanks for the help so far.
going to look up trimming the bottom beak, but nervous to do so.
If he isn't eating much, you could give him some hard-boiled eggs and some NutriDrench to keep his strength up while you work through this. Peel the hard-cooked eggs and chunk them up with a pastry cutter or something similar. I'd want to get some kind of nutrition in him while I figured things out.
With beak problems, it helps to feed them out of a taller bowl, and add a lot of water to a small amount of feed, making a mash. Add a little egg and tiny bit of yogurt, and those can entice him to eat. I would not trim the lower beak.

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