Please help! Nasty infection!


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Apr 5, 2010
This is one of my hens that does not like people so I just noticed how one of her nostrils are completely blocked and is yellow and gigantic. I dont know what it is or how to fix it. Please help! Her eyes are also draining very bad. I really want to help her.

heres some images of it..

I'm not an expert with infections or sicknesses, I do better in emergency situations. BUT, perhaps a run of antibiotics would clear it up? I got Tetracycline at our local Tractor supply and mixed up about a cup of warm water with a spoonful of the powder. (it looks like lemonade
) Then take a dropper and use that to get her to take about 5cc's daily for 7-10 days. Hopefully that will clear it up. In addition, you might want to bring her inside, we do ours in dog crates as "hospital wards" so that you can keep her warm, dry, clean and quarantined from the other hens.

How do the other birds look? Anyone else showing similar symptoms? Is the sick one eating and drinking? Any other behavioral differences?
Thanks so much! I will have to try that. The other hens don't have any symptoms of it. This hen seems perfectly fine except for the fact of this thing on her nose. We havent had rain out in this texas town in 6 months so they may not be getting enough protein which may be why they are getting infections. They are all eating fine, i just dont know what to do about this thing on the poor babies face.
Then definitely quarantine her
Don't want it to spread if its contagious.

Just FYI: As far as dosing goes with antibiotics, the packaging gives directions to make like 100gallons
So I spoke to my emergency vet the night they were all attacked and told him I dont know how much to give for a bird!!, he advised me to do the cup thing for my year old mallard female duck and it worked like a charm. She didn't like it, but after a few messy trials we caught on.

When birds are stressing out, if you cover their eyes they tend to calm down. Be careful not to drown her, it can be a little nerve wracking, I did it drop by drop and gave her time to swallow before continuing. In addition, since she will be isolated and being force fed antibiotics, you could pick up an electrolyte powder and mix it in her water to boost her immune system. AND a great treat filled with protein is to cook up some egg yolks and mash them for her.

Good luck!!!
Hi, I am no specialist but if it were me I would get a dishcloth, scrap towel..... any type of rag and put it in very warm salt water. I would sit the bird on my lap close to me and then put the damp rag on the side that is infected. I would try to work the yellow infection out easily if possible to relieve any pressure to her sinuses. Then go ahead and give her the medicine you plan on. I would do what I could to get that out even using a tweezer if I had too.
In addition to the isolation, good food, electrolytes & antibiotics, I would also clean up her face, get that thing out of her nostrils so she can breathe & use a little vet rx around her nose to help clear her breathing.
That looks like a piece of layer crumble that got stuck up in her nostril and got infected. If that is what it is, use a warm washcloth to soften it up, then try using tweezers to get it out, or maybe a toothpick. I would also try squeezing it out to get the infection out, if the tweezers and toothpick didnt work. Then use a Q-tip (might have to remove some of the cotton on the tip) and dip it in some iodine and work it into her nostril. It would be best if you had an extra set of hands to help you.

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