Please help, need advice! Duck droppings question!!


Oct 1, 2020
Hi, so my roommate owns a call duck, it's a girl named Beans and she's 2.5yrs old i wanna say? and I'm on here instead of her cuz she's the type to not worry until it's time to go to the Vet ER and I'm the type that worries at the first sign of a problem cuz i feel like once you get to a certain point there's nothing that can really be done sometimes. Well the roommate left with beans for the night and when she got back i noticed Beans was having REALLY REALLY dark poops, i thought they were black at first but when i took a second look i noticed they were extremely dark green/brown. I asked the roommate if something happened to Beans while she was gone or if Beans got in to something etc and she claims no so I'm not sure if her leaving with beans for the night and this is even related. But she'll have a couple that really dark color and then she'll go back to having what i think and what looks like her normal droppings. Is there something i need to worry about and bring her in to be seen or am i over reacting? Her behavior doesn't seem to be much different from the norm except she hasn't laid an egg since this started.. so i honestly don't know what to think or do.

I've attached a couple photos for examples. She had 2 of these dark green droppings and then the 3rd poop was the brown droppings i attached.

**Btw the white thing in the center of the dark green droppings is just toilet paper

Screenshot_20201227-132502_Motion photo viewer.jpg Screenshot_20201227-132431_Motion photo viewer.jpg
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Duck poop can vary in color and consistently a lot depending on what they eat. Did she eat greens? Or mud? I see a lot of variation in what comes out of my ducks. I wouldn't worry about it.
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What you show in the pictures look fairly normal; if you're concerned, you can collect a few fresh fecal samples, and ask your vet to do a gram stain and a fecal floatation for you. On a gram stain the prominent bacteria should be gram-positive rods/ if he's seeing gram-negative bacteria, or gram-positive cocci there could be a problem.

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