Please Help! Need help asap! Aggressive Rooster ?

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  1. Ok. I've seen this happen a few times but this threw me over the edge.
    Ok. Before I tell yall,
    I ordered 16 and 1 rooster. As time went on I noticed that Alabama was a rooster. Alabama is the perfect rooster, he is gourgous and his crow sounds like an angel. But one day, I heard one of my hens scream. I saw Alabama grabbing Carolina's comb and it appeared he was trying to yank it off. I ran in and seperated the two. I thought maybe they got into a squabble and ignored it. Couple of days later saw that he was yanking Shawnee's comb. As soon as I ran to the rescue, he let go. I wondered about it but soon shrugged it off. Couple days later, he did it again, this time to Sunny. I was beginning to worry, and kept an eye on him. As I let the girls, Rocky the Wellie Roo and Alabama in, I heard a scream. I ran to see what was going on and Alabama was biting onto Sandy, my silkie's head feathers and yanking extremely hard. The scream was Sandy was one of the worst sounds ever. I screamed and grabbed Alabama off and ran into the house to write this. My chickens are a little over 4 months old. I have two roos, Alabama and Rocky and all the rest hens. Does anyone know what this behavior is, and if I can stop it? Please help. Gonna go check on sandy.....hopefully I'll have some replies when I get back....

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    Pinless peepers is what I would do to fix his little red wagon.

    (Chicken blinders) I have not tried them but have read that in certain circumstances it helps. Doesn't help everyone.

    Alternatively you can coat the combs with No Pick lotion but that makes a mess.
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  3. Ok thank you. I'll try that. Is it just a bad behavior or ?

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    Well it can become a habit for him. Frankly I'd separate him immediately and then put peepers on him for awhile (and put him back with the girls) - then see if he did it again.

    I once saw a rooster that had pecked the eye out of one of his hens. It isn't to be tolerated at all to have that behavior in a roo.
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    Oh I just thought of something- is he perched on top of them trying to mate with them while he is grabbing the comb?

    If he is just holding on while mating then that is OK. But he shouldn't be causing injury.
  6. [​IMG] If you want to stop it take your rooster to your vet and have him (the rooster) caponized .
    However he will only sit on to of the TV set after that and glare at you.

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