Please Help. New to chickens.


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
My Americana is shaking her head. She seems to be eating Ok. My hens do have lice, that i am treating with DE (dusting hens and house and yard). I checked her head and did not see any lice (they seem to be concentrated around the duct area).
DE is not a treatment for lice. It's more of a preventative approach.

I'd start with some Sevin dust or Ivomec. You also need to clean and dust your coop and nest boxes with Sevin. Then follow up with a second treatment of in a couple of weeks for any new mites that hatch out.

I recommend sevin dust as well. Dust her thoroughly and dust the inside of her house, nests and roosts. Repeat dusting her and the inside of her house in 10 days to kill nits hatched from eggs since the first dusting. $4.97 at Lowe's for a 1 pound canister.
Be sure to dust all your chickens at the same time to avoid constant reinfestation. You cannot see the lice & may be unaware others are also infested.

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