Please Help Northern California! Buff Orpington Rooster needs home


13 Years
Jan 17, 2008
Oakland, CA
Hi Everyone,

One of my new babies has turned out to be a roo, and I live in an urban area and cannot keep him. He is 6 weeks old now and his a very handsome and smart boy already. Can anyone help and take my boy?

Maureen in Oakland
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What is the price you are asking? I live about 2 hours from Oakland, would you be willing to travel that far?
Hi Zippychickens,

You can have Mr. Emmett for free. I just want to place him somewhere nice. And yes, I would be willing to travel to give him to a good home. Whereabouts are you?

All best,
I live 3 miles east of Arbuckle. I could meet you in Vacaville, I'm not sure if it's halfway or not but at least you wouldn't have to come all the way to Arbuckle and then that way I wouldn't have to find my way through Oakland.
Let me know what you think
Hi Melissa,

This is great news! Vacaville would be a perfect place to meet. I am so happy to have found my little buddy a home.

I will email you all of my information shortly so we can figure out the time, date, etc. details.

Talk to you soon,

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