Please help! Pale legs and comb


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Jul 17, 2016
Please help! I just lost my Maran pullet. Her comb looked pale before we found her lifeless. There were no other symptoms. She was eating, drinking, and roosting with the rest.
My lavender cockerel and hen don't look that well. The cockerel looks better than the pullet. His comb used to be big and red now it looks smaller and lighter than it used to. ( Could appear that way due to him growing in more feathers) They were sleeping and laying in the nest with our other broody hen and barley came out. The hen has a pale comb and her blue legs are also turning white! I read your suppose to worm your chickens every so often. One of our local backyard chicken keeper told us to give them Safegaurd to prevent worms and also helps with other problems like respiratory. So we gave them two treatments of safeguard as a preventative. This was even before we found our Maran lifeless.
We brought the two lavender in and we gave them food and water and I just made them an egg. They are eating their crumbles, but not touching the egg. At first they stayed very still and watching very closely of what was going on. I guess because they aren't used to being in here with all the noise of the kids, etc. What could be going on with them!? I do not want to loose them or any others. Please help!!
I checked the others and the rest have red combs and still look healthy. Even our broody who finally came out of her nest and started molting. Her comb looked extremely pale and now she is coming back and her comb is getting it's color back.

Help!! What is going on!? We have lost so many chickens this year. It is so upsetting.

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