Please help...paralysis in 5 month old newly laying pullet!

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    I discovered a couple days ago, one of our white rock pullets looking kind of "fluffy". I would think coccidia, but I had just (6 days ago) taken several fecal samples in to the Vet(we do every 6 months) and all were clean for parasites/etc. '
    I put her in the chicken infirmary as I call it, in segregation...Started her on electrolytes and examined her really well. Nothing, and I mean nothing seemed off...other then being fluffy/quite.

    Well today she appears to have a twisted neck and one eye is half closed. Even one side of her head appears to be more fluffy.
    I thought maybe wry neck and have been giving her vitamin e, in addition to electrolytes...she did eat a bit of HB egg, but is not interested in much else. Below is a video of her today. Any thoughts?


    Any help is greatly appreciated...even if its something to ask the vet about??? We have quite a few (maybe 60?) but we love them as pets and will try to save her if possible.

    Thank you,
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    Is her crop very full, or does it just look that way because of her wry neck? If it's full, is it hard or squishy and soft? If it is full and squishy, it might be sour crop which would make her have a poor appetite. With the symptoms you describe I would suspect Mareks, but she doesn't look paralyzed. I would also give her B vitamins as well as the E.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    The Dunes Indiana!
    No...same thing I thought at first, but her crop is pretty much empty.
    It really seems to be just her neck...Her reflexes seem good..her toes warp my finger when I push them. I was trying to feel her neck, and she did cry out a little, so I am sure its painful. Im giving her the poly-v-sol and extra vitamin e.
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    May 9, 2013
    I would start by giving her a aspirin for pain/swelling,she may have injured her neck and this is causing her some discomfort. Her eyes half closed and her holding neck close to body do suggest to me some pain. You can give a baby aspirin or a reg 325 mg aspirin,dose is 25 mg per lb of body weight. Sprinkle aspirin over feed or crush and put in water(i use the aspirin in water). Also not all Coccidiosis shows up in a fecal float test.

    Is her crop empty all day? If so then she is not eating.
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