Please Help - Peanut unsteady on her feet after illness

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    May 19, 2011
    We are new to chickens and bought our kids five chickens a year ago Easter from a feed store. One of our girls - Peanut - got sick about a month ago. She is a grayish, normal sized chicken - not sure what type. Looks like a normal sized chicken but coloring like a peanut shell. We found her on her side in the pen. She was really fluffy and panting. We brought her into the house, cleaned her up (muddy) and propped her up in a box in the bathroom. I checked for an egg but felt nothing. Called around for a vet without luck. Our feed store gave us Tetracycline to give her along with vitamins & electrolytes. She was lying down, not walking and falling on her side for almost two weeks. She sat on a heating pad and we gave her water by a syringe several times a day. I feed her eggs, oatmeal, apple, worms, chicken feed, etc by sticking it down her throat. She gradually got better and started standing up and eating on her own. We added greens to her diet and she loved boy chuk. No more dirty bottom that I was washing daily - note, she would just lie in my hand and I would rinse and dry her bottom in the sink. She spent another week or so in our bathtub gaining her strength back. She then spent a few days in our garden during the day next to the hen coop and we would put her back in the bathtub with a light and towels to walk on. She was welcomed back in the hen coop without fighting or anything. We gave the other chickens a full week of Tetracycline also just in case. She is now walking around with the others but she is unsteady some on her feet. Can't scratch easily or pull back on a worm (to get it out of the ground). My kids continue to give her special treats like night crawlers or scrambled eggs. I do not believe she had started lying again. Anything else we should do or worry about? Thanks so much.

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Wow, great job getting her through! Peanut is a very lucky chicken to have you all as family! I'd guess that after being off her feet that long, it's going to take a while to get strength back. I think the special snacks are very important and I'd recommend yogurt for everyone to get their gut balance back after the meds. Making sure she's drinking enough water, as it sounds like she's doing, would be my primary concern since dehydration makes every condition more dangerous.

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