Please Help, Pekins not eating or drinking

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by davekrista, Jan 30, 2011.

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    OK. I have pekin ducks that are just over 13 wks old. I take care of them, feeding and water during the week and my husband does it on the weekends when he is home. Here in MA its been pretty cold and LOTS of snow so they have been pretty much cooped in their home which is a good size for the 4 of them.

    My husband told me today that they haven't eaten or drank anything all weekend. He said that when ever he goes out to them they food and water are still full. Any ideas? They aren't really acting different although today when I went out to check them, there were some feathers on the ground, which i haven't seen before, not a lot but first i have seen them. They are becoming more skittish because its been so cold we haven't been out with them as much as I would like to be, but i am hoping when it warms a bit we can handle them more. I'm just worried about them not eating or drinking.......

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    My ducks sometimes eat less, especially now that it's cold. Will they take treats from you? I would put out a bowl of warmish (not hot) water and offer them some peas. Either from your hand so you can get a good, close look at them or in the water. Just hang out a bit and observe them.

    You can also get a vitamin/electrolyte mix to add to their water, which I do once a week since it's so cold. That seems to have helped mine. And I've added some corn to their food to make sure they can create some extra body heat.

    I don't remember if that age is OK to be outside, do you have Storey's book to check?
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    Mine arre barely eating their Duck food.. They get greens, tomatoes, corn and peas every nite, but i worried about them not getting all their vitamins etc.. I also put vitamin/electrolytes in their water couple times a month for sure and Ive been buying them live crickets for a fun and nutritious treat..when it warms up alittle it seems they eat More of their try giving them anything else..?
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    How are the babies doing today, Davekrista?

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