Please help. Possible illness in chick? Pics included


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Jun 11, 2009
Hello all. I am sooo new at this. My sister in laws dogs had two chick cornered in her yard with no sight of the mother and because I have raised quite a few mammals she decided to bring them to me. I have had the two for about 4 weeks, they we're probably only about a week old when I got them so I am guessing they are around 5 weeks old. My concern of illness is that one of the chicks legs have turned a bluish grey color while the others have continued to become a brighter orange. Is the bluish color normal or is there something wrong? I have had them both on medicated starter crumbles that I wet with water to become a mash of sort. I also provide them with fresh water several times a day. I have no idea what kind of chickens these guys are or the sex of them. I was guessing that the one with the orange legs is a rooster because he has much more full tail feathers, a larger breast and one of those red crown things on his beak, the other one does not. I intend on raising them as just backyard pets not meat or egg producers. I was also told that I needed to have them on grit? I don't know what that is. And how long should they stay on the starter crumbles? Any advice would be much appreciated! Unfortunately there are no vets in my area that deal with chickens



I'm new to chickens too, so maybe somebody else with more experience can step in. One of our chicks was very lethargic and had similar colored legs. Have you added a vitamin supplement to their water? If not, you might want to try one. (Ours had just been shipped cross country and just started on a vitamin supplement and has since made a full recovery.)

It's recommended in chicks and chickens whenever they undergo stress, and I think yours have had an extreme case of stress.

I forgot to add.... they sure are cute!
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I think your chicks are EE's (Easter Eggers).

The one with the "comb" maybe be a little roo, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If it turns red and he starts to crow, you'll know you have a cockerel.

Don't be concerned about their leg coloring. Chickens have different color legs according to their breed. It is not a sign of illness.

As for grit, as long as the chicks are on chick starter, they shouldn't need the grit.

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