Please Help: Repost and Update: Sneezing Baby Chicks!!!

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    Hi there new chick person here, I picked up our chicks on Thursday April 13,2017 and on Saturday afternoon one of the babies started sneezing. Breeder said maybe she was sensitive to pine shavings and to put oregano and ACV in their water instead of electrolytes. Did that and on Sunday morning she was having difficulty breathing, open mouth breathing. We initially separated her but put her back when the breeder mentioned maybe just sensitive.

    Anyway she continued to have difficulty breathing so on Monday I was able to get Nutri-drench and Vetrx. Followed the directions for mixing with water and rubbing on the beak and eyes. No change Monday with her. Yesterday morning I checked on her and was wiping her beak with vetrx again and got a tiny black something from one nostril and the other the nose was closed down not runny or anything just the nostril flap was soft and closed down on her. I was able to use a q-tip to open and I could see her passage and all looked good but eventually closed again. She seemed to have less breathing problems and as I was taking care of her another chick a few days older and bigger started to sneeze. I moved the original to another box and gave the other chick a drop of Vetrx and rubbed a little vetrx under her wings and along her beak and gave everyone a drop or two of Nutri-drench.

    The original chick developed very labored breathing and culled her. Last night everyone looked good and just sprayed the flock with vetrx mist. This morning I didn't notice the second chick sneezing, so I didn't give her anything. I came home from the store and her and 2 others have sneezed. Gave them all a few drops of Nutri -drench and was about to give more Vetrx but wanted to check out there to see if I should and if the drop or 2 in the mouth is best.

    Please help I want to nip this in the bud so I don't loose any others.

    Temp in brooder is 90-95 and changed the bedding to pine pellets.they are all active, eating, and drinking. Chipping and being silly.

    Update 4-20-17

    This morning when I checked on the babies the Moran that had started sneezing first seemed like she was doing good, but this afternoon had more sneezing again. The second Moran that had started sneezing the following day sounded very congested this morning and still. I have her some Vetrx again this afternoon along with some Niutri-drench this morning. They appear to be eating and drinking well. I gave everyone a little Vetrx too, just in case. They seem to be trying to eat any oregano that they can find through out the box so the breeder said to add some hard boiled eggs. I did and they don't seem to be bothering with them.

    They still have ACV water 1 tablespoon per gallon.

    Now the Welsummer that had started sneezing with the second Moran this morning was very weak and really didn't open her eyes much. I gave her some Nutri-drench right away and dipped her beak in ACV and she drank little. I gave her more at about 3 pm some thing but maybe a little more response. A bit later she was up a little and picked at some food and water but don't know if she ate.

    Please advise as to what I should keep doing and how often for them. This is a retype since my original much better writing so I may be leaving some stuff out.

    All is MUCH Appreciated!!

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