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    Before I start, I apologize about asking questions that I'm pretty sure have been asked a thousand times, but please be patient.

    Last weekend I got 9 new pullets. I immediately quarantined them in a separate pen, but apparently not well enough, as my layers who are pasture raised and 100% free roamers developed coughing, sneezing and rattling within 3 days. (Possibly, I carried the sickness on my clothing or shoes and spread to my other chickens?) My vet charges an arm and a leg when you walk in the door, and so treatment is going to have to be by me. From all of the discussions, I am "thinking" that my chickens need Tylan, as it is a broad spectrum antibiotic? I am also thinking that for the next 4 weeks I will not be able to farmer's market my eggs. Rather than injecting, I am really looking for something that is soluble in their drinking water.

    I need advice from you all, as I want to take care of them right away. Thank you so much in advance.

    P.S. Strangely, none of the new pullets have any symptoms.
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    Tylan is very goodfor bacterial or mycoplasma respiratory infections. Respiratory diseases can be chronic, make the whole flock carriers, and symptoms can return again whenever they are stressed. Many of the oral antibiotics will disappear off feed store shelve within the next 2 months. Injectable Tylan 50 can be given orally or by injection, but it may be difficult and expensive to treat the whole flock. Here is a link to buy Tylan Soluble Powder for treating the whole flock as well as the manufacturer's instructions below. You may find it locally for now at a feed store, especially where cattle medicines are found. Be sure and use 1 tsp per gallon of water, and only add the water to the powder. Do not add the powder into the water.

    Here is a good link about common diseases in chickens:
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