Please Help!!! Sick chickens

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    May 22, 2017
    I have chickens that have an respiratory problem. I just introduced new chickens that had it, but thought they were better. I let them out of their coop. My chickens that I already had though caught what they had and they seem to be getting it back. Today my older chickens are not eating a lot and are lethargic. I did get them VetRx and Tylan 50.

    My question though is, is the Tylan 50 just as effective if given orally through a syringe just as effective as given orally?

    I really need help. Like I said the 4 month old chickens do not seam like it is bothering them as much as the older ones. I have also given them apple cider vinegar water too. Please help!!!
  2. I would suggest getting them Nutri Drench right away. I was told just to give the Tylan 50 by mouth, injecting it has been known to cause irritations.
    Stress can bring out old respiratory problems, bringing in new chickens will definitely do it.
    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will drop in and give you better advice.
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    Apr 15, 2018
    My chickens have respiratory problems, too. Tylan50 worked for a little bit, then my chicken started wheezing and getting bubbly eyes again. I still don't know what to do for mine, but good luck with yours.
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    I have the same problems with my chooks all because my parents got birds from Goulburn Heritage Poultry. They had the respiratory infection and it’s spread ever since. That’s why I have ducks and pigeons as they can’t get it off the chooks.
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    What symptoms are you seeing?
    Do you have photos?
    I'm sorry that your chickens are sick.

    Mycoplasma, Infectious Coryza, ILT and Infectious Coryza are fairly common in chickens. Keep in mind that antibiotics will only treat secondary infections.

    Denaguard (Tiamulin) as suggested by @granny hatchet would be good to treat Mycoplasma. If you are unable to get that, you can try Tylan50 which can be found in most Tractor Supply stores - dosage is .20ml per pound of weight given 3times a day for 5 days in a row.

    Do what you can to keep the birds hydrated, offer them some poultry vitamins and encourage them to eat. If they have swelling of the eyes, mucous or pus, try to keep that cleared away as much as possible.
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    @Wyorp Rock I think I was reading this and not OP. :hugs
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    I see, another poster jumped in with their own problem:)

    Regardless, Tiamulin or Tylan50 will help with a bacterial respiratory illness like Mycoplasma or Infectious Coryza. Antibiotics will help with secondary infection (complications) in viral diseases like Infectioius Bronchitis or ILT. Sometimes if symptoms seem to improve with treatment only to return, the birds likely have a virus or the dosing needs to be evaluated.
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