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    Mar 5, 2016
    I have a sick goose that has been in my garden tub since Wednesday morning. I've been letting her take hot baths and watching her swim while I'm taking cold showers and getting ready for work!
    My observations of her illness are what I see before work (while it's still dark out), after work (when it's dark again), and full time on the weekends. I never leave home because I don't know anyone that would volunteer to take care of my animals... So they are the only vacation I get, and I wouldn't have it any other way:)

    **Let me start out with saying that we have no avian veterinarians in our area and my large animal vet that treats my horses only confused me more...

    Symptoms: she has been limping on her right leg for several weeks now, no interest in the other 3 geese, no appetite, drinking constantly, watery green poop, she keeps opening her mouth really wide and making a crunching sound when she closes her beak.

    Treatment so far: I've been giving her "vitamins & electrolytes with lacto bacillus", "VetRx", and just yesterday I mixed some Wazine 17 and put in one of her water containers thinking maybe it was worm related.

    So far the only thing that I can get her to eat is unsweetened almond milk, which she really seemed to enjoy.

    I've been reading way too much online and I bought several things on my way home yesterday just to be prepared - I WILL NOT BE GIVING ALL OF THESE TO HER JUST TO BE CLEAR- I just wanted to have them on hand and be prepared for what answers I may receive today.

    Medicine Cabinet:

    Duramycin-10 (Tetracycline hydrochloride soluble powder)
    Oxytetracycline HCI soluble powder (Broad spectrum antibiotic)
    Corid 20% soluble powder Coccidiostat (Amprolium)

    Wariness 17 (wormer that I'm already giving her)
    Vitamins & electrolytes and the VetRx (that I'm already giving her)

    I am about to look in her mouth and pray I don't stress her out too much, and Google what the heck a "vent" is and I'm going to check that too!
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    Apr 20, 2007
    Bump. I hope you get some advice soon. I'm sorry i'm not more helpful.

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