Please help...Sick Hen??? Should I quarantine?

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    Have a year and a half old black star hen that has lost feathers from most of her body- wings, legs, (we checked her and thought she was in a heavy molt -- my 9 other girls are not "molting" as heavy as she is). I just noticed that she is crouching (squatting) down and walking (listing) to the side. She is free ranging with the others, but there is something definitely wrong with her. Any ideas and should I separate her from the others? As soon as they roost, we will go out and thoroughly check her out, but until then I am thanking you all in advance for your help!

    We just looked her over very well. She sits on perch without loosing her balance, even when pushed to one side or the other. Absolutley, no lice or mites. I check them all. She has pin feathers coming out all over. We are befuddled. She is eating, cluckiing, etc., like all of our other girls. Maybe it is just an overly concerned and watchful mom. Thanks again.
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    I would guess she is just molting harder then the rest .. if you are concerned then I dont think it would be bad to quarantine.. Better safe the sorry .. The leaning makes me think there may be more going on though...

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