Please Help! Sick lethargic hen

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Hi my hen who is just over a year old is very sick. She has been a regular layer daily for months. I noticed last week she laid an egg that was just a sack without shell so i fed her more shell grit. she wouldnt eat it and she did another egg the same. She did another two eggs where the shell was white (her eggs normally brown) and powderd and rough shell. It has been 5days now and she hasnt laid again.

    She has been extremely lethargic and lays on her side all day. She is drinking and eating far less, so i place her next to water where she doesnt move all day. I've found her laying upside down twice and she wants to lay on one side always. She isn't going up to roost and her feathers are drooping and eyes half open. I havnt noticed her doing any poos and just sleeps all day. Nothing different about her breathing and has not been injured.

    Please help i think she is dying
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    [​IMG] I'm so sorry. Sometimes it's so hard to tell what's wrong with them. She could have been ill, causing egg glitches, or the egg glitches could be the problem itself. Sorry, I know that doesn't help, just trying to think logically, because I'm dealing with my own sick bird right now.
    Here's what I'm doing right now, which may help you: My sick girl is a dog crate in my bathroom. I gave her a warm soak (supposed to help in case of egg difficulties...relaxes the bird), dried her off, and made sure she had plenty of warm bedding (in the crate). It's much easier to observe how much is or isn't being eaten/drank when they're contained, plus you can observe their droppings. If you keep any of that electrolite powder around, you could add a little of that to her water. See if you can get her to eat scrambled egg or some other really tempting treat...
    There's only so much you can do, and the rest is fate. I sure hope your girl snaps out of it. And I hope someone comes along and is able to suggest some other "treatments."

    ** While you have her contained, check her crop to see how it feels - normal? Feel any bulges around her butt area that don't feel normal??? Just some other things to check....
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    Sorry to hear about your hen.

    I am going to bump you so hopefully someone can help.

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