Please help sick rooster!


Oct 1, 2019
Hello all -

I am new to BYC and desperate for help. On Saturday morning my 6 month old Wyandotte rooster was very lethargic and not eating. After several hours I noticed he was not perking up or showing any interest in his flock mates so I separated him. He didn’t eat all weekend so I ended up forcing him to have water through a dropper. By Sunday his poop had turned green with white (sometimes watery). He has lost weight and his comb is pale. My other rooster chased him away and he just ran away to hide. This week he has been eating on his own a little bit but I am having to force feed him and give him water through a dropper. I have tried all his favorite foods but nothing really stimulates his appetite. I am giving him nutrigel twice a day for vitamins and today also fave him a de-wormer just in case. Any idea
What can be wrong with him? So far all my other chickens seem fine, but for now he is in isolation and sleeping indoors at night.

Additionally - when would be the right time to start thinking about culling him? I’ve never had this situation and I am trying my best to get him better- but definitely don’t want him suffering.


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Apr 15, 2015
do you have a vet that will do a fecal float test ?

My rooster was a lot like that when he molted and he's the only one in the flock he even got mean with the hens chasing them away, gave him a glob of coconut oil and tsp of minced garlic and he got some constipation out next day gave him another dose of they coconut oil he showed no interest second day for the garlic, and he passed some more hard poo and was back to normal the next day


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It's possible he has a severe ecoli infection and it might be too late to save him. I had the same thing happen with a young rooster and had a fecal sample sent off for testing. It was confirmed ecoli.
Ensure waterers and feeders are free of feces, sanitize as necessary and isolate your sick rooster from other birds. If it's not too late (as it was in my case), Baytril or SMZ/TMP are the preferred treatments for ecoli infections.
Also constant feeding of probiotics will help in conjunction with an antibiotic. Cottage cheese, and buttermilk would be best but not yogurt. Yogurt tends to run through them because it's not easily absorbed in the digestive tract.


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Welcome to BYC. Where are you located? Could your rooster have been kept from eating by the other chickens and rooster, and become weak and dehydrated? Do you have a local vet who might take some fresh droppings from him and test for worms and coccidiosis? What is the name of the dewormer that you gave him?

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