Please help - sick turkey :(


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
I have a three year old Royal Palm hen that started to act slightly uncoordinated/drunk and now is having trouble walking. I separated her from the flock and put her in a pen with food and water. She has no real other symptoms. Her feathers look fine, she looks healthy - no sign of injury. I did see her in my front pasture the other day which I know has some milkweed growing in it and I do have some Butterfly weed in one of my flower beds (that I just cleaned up and mulched so the birds were intrigued...) I have not seen Asclepias galioides on my property .... but I suppose that does not mean it is not here. Has anyone experienced something like this? Is there something else that could be going on? Does anyone have any diagnosis help or treatment help??
Thanks much...

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