PLEASE HELP Slikie with crusty eyes ? Warning graphic pic.

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Nov 20, 2009
I have this silkie in quarantine. But dont have a clue whats wrong with him. He was fine as could be 3 days ago when I put him in with 3 girls and in that period I watched gis eyes crust up. I thought at first it was just a scratch or something . Now his eyes are like this. Theres no fowl smell but he is getting a little lathargic and I dont want to lose him or watch him suffer either. No other birds have ever had this come up so hoping someone can tell me whats going on.
Thank you for any help.

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Is he sneezing or anything? It might be an upper res infection... do you have him on any anti-biotics? Some vetrx might help with the eyes... it helps with symptoms.
No not sneezing or anything. I started antibiotics today but cant get anything from the feed store until Monday. All I have is antibiotic cream for general infections or cuts.
Poor fella! Terramycin eye ointment might help. Could be eye worm or the beginning of coryza. Good he is in quarantine. Do a search on eye worm and coryza, see what you think. Good luck, Mike.
Thanks ya'll. Dawg read those but hes not draining or sneezing, breathing abnormal or anything. He was just fine until I put him in a breeder pen with the 3 girls I had for him. Hasnt been in contact with any other birds but mine and I have no signs of any birds with any issues but him. I have never had a sick bird so this is strange for me. Could this have been caused just from a scratch or something ??
TY chickensaresweet
I will keep reading up on all these but with alot of them this shouldnt happen in 3 days or not affect the other 3 that have been in this particular cage for over a month. I will try and clean him up again in the am and definately clean the pens around him
Back when we had our first cold spell I had a couple hens come down with a cold. I had 1 hen that had what looked like a cold in her eye. I treated her the same as I did the others with the addition of rinsing her eyes with warm salt water. They seemed to get better so I put her back in the pen and a few days after no salt water rinsing one eye crusted back up. So I started the rinsing again. It turns out that she got something in her eyes and with all the rinsing they finaly got cleaned out. Thats all the symptoms she had was the crusty eyes.

So even if it isn't something in his eyes, a rinsing will clean them up so he can open them to see. What I did is I mixed about 2 tablespoons of regular table salt in warm water till it dissolved and I used a wash cloth and dipped it in and got a corner wet and wiped her eyes. She didn't fight me either so it must have felt good. My thought was if she can't see her food and water or where to walk around she would suffer from not eating and drinking and get really sick so I kept her eyes cleaned out.

Just a little input. I hope it's helpful.

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