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    Nov 3, 2009
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    OK experts, I'm fairly new here, and definately new at smoking a turkey on a charcoal smoker. My work gave me a 20 lb'er, and I'm wanting to smoke it for the family Thanksgiving. I really want to inject it with some good stuff to make it moist and tasty, but haven't fooled with injecting meats hardly at all. Please give me some pointers!
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    Put one injection hole in each breast, withdrawing and re-aiming the needle into various parts of the breast. This decreases the amount of marinade you loose, especially if the hole is in the highest part of the breast. same for each thigh and drumstick. Our favorite is zesty italian salad dressing. We run it through the blender, then strain it so it will inject smoothly. My next favorite is the garlic and butter. We do ours on an electric smoker, so I can't help with the charcoal, except keep the temp low for a long time. I do mine for about 8 hours. Start with light heat don't add smoke until the turkey is done "sweating" (condensing moisture gets it wet) and is dry, then add light smoke.
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    You should brine it too! That will really help keep the moisture IN the meat!!! For 20# youll need to use a ice chest. [​IMG]

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