Please help support citizens in Cape Girardeau MO by signing A Bard's petition to keep hens !!!

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    Mar 8, 2013

    He was recently told he had to get rid of his flock of 3 because of local laws.

    You apparently do not have to be a resident to sign the petition. There's a space where you tell why. I'm sure if enough us laud the benefits of having a small flock of hens, ie. pest control, right to provide our own sustenance, etc... it will help in his ability to persuade the city council and perhaps others in his community will get on board!


    link to sign petition

    Currently, the citizens of Cape Girardeau are not allowed, under any circumstance, to raise chickens on their own property. However, every other city around Cape Girardeau allows chickens (Jackson, Scott City) within certain guidelines.
    If done correctly, raising chickens can be beneficial to the property owner and the surrounding neighbors. Chickens not only produce fresh, healthy eggs but they also eat insects and other pests. For instance, luring Japanese beetles from around the neighborhood to the local chicken coop removes all those pests from the surrounding homes and gardens.
    It is time to find a middle ground between those that want nothing and those that want everything. I believe, if done properly, chickens can benefit everyone in Cape Girardeau. The chicken owners and the neighbors.
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    I wanted you to know that I just saw this and I appreciate you trying to get the word out. Now I guess I know how people in Wyoming and other states learned about it :)

    It's looking really good here. i think we're going to get it passed. I presented to the council a couple weeks ago and now I go back this Monday to see what the city staff is recommending after their "impact study" (I'm heard it's in support of passing it).

    thank you!

    Andrew Bard

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