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    someone please help ahh

    quoting from my last post of her (which no one replied to, hence new post): My three year old bantam Cochin got a week or so ago two crusty eyes. I've been rinsing them with salt water and one is normal, but the other isn't. Now on the eye that isn't normal her earlobe is swollen and hard. It looks like there's a scab on top, though as she had some feathers there it's hard to tell. No other chicken has this. She's outside with the others most of the time (though in the beginning she was often in the coop) and she still complains loudly and struggles if I grab her and she's still eating and drinking, but she's much more lethargic and slower. Her breathing also has been sounding congested, and when I took a closer took at her today her beak has this yellow crusty pus I think on the edges. I've washed her eyes, earlobe and cleaned her beak with the salt water and put polysporin on her earlobe, but I'm not sure what to do next or if that's even going to be effective

    OKAY SO now its super swollen and looks like bumblefoot and her other ear is starting to swell. shes all raggedy and losing weight and shows little interest in water (with apple cider vinegar, no interest in the yogurt (organic, plain greek) and shes somewhat interested in normal food (i put cinnamon and ginger powder in with it). ive continued with polysporin and saltwater. shes tired and doesnt move too much but isnt stadning completely still, and complains when i pick her up. she scratches at her ear and shakes her head and her beak is open - i tried to close it to see if she was just trying ot breahte out of it but it wouldnt close, which normally it is. her poop is normal - brown with white cap, though a bit small, but im super worried. PLEASE HELP. she currently just ate and drank a bit and is now sleeping

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    Can you get some tylosin or Tylan from a vet or feed store in the cattle meds? Give her 1/2 ml orally twice a day for 5 days. Oxytetracycline might work as well. Clean her swollen ears out with hydrogen peroxide or saline, and QTips. You may have to remove cheese-like pus from the very swollen ear. There is probably a respiratory disease going on. Make sure she is drinking well. Give her some plain yogurt for probiotics 2-3 times a week.

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