Please help. This is breaking my heart.


Mar 25, 2015
Please help. I am a new chicken owner and I don't know sicknesses very well. Can someone please tell me why Liv (this 3 month old baby) is losing hair(?) around her face? And what I should do to cure it? She is also sneezing quite frequently. I heard that aloe vera is good for overall health so I put a couple of slices in their water (after I noticed Liv starting to develop her sneezing). And since she lives with other chickens I didn't put electrolytes since I heard that its isn't healthy for chickens that aren't sick to drink them. Should I though? Is that idea just a myth? Her skin condition is developing on both sides of her face.

Please help. I've been searching all over the internet for causes and cures for chicken facial hair loss and nothing similar has been poping up. I feel useless just watching my precious baby suffer. It's situations like these that inspired me to study to become a vet (I'm currently in high school) and I have never felt more useless in my life.

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