Please help! Two hens gurgling.. sounds like purring cats


10 Years
Sep 14, 2009
SC Kansas
Two hens sick. One I noticed the other day sneezing and loose stool, tonight I went out into the coop to lock them up and went to check on the hen and she sounds like a cat purring and now a second hen is starting the sound like the first. I see zero discharge from nostrils and eyes are bright. Are they sick or could it be caused by all the smoke in the air from pasture burnings?
If there is a lot of smoke it may be that, but I would watch for other signs of respiratory disease such as watery or foamy eyes, nasal discharge, or swelling around eyes or face. Diseases such as infectious bronchitis, MG/CRD, and coryza could be the cause. Those are chronic diseases that can make carriers of a whole flock. Separate sick chickens from the rest until you know for sure what it is. Here is a list of diseases and symptoms and treatment options:
IF I decide to give antibiotics (Tylan-50) is what I have on hand.. how much and for how long should it be given and how long before eggs can be eaten?

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