Please help very saw foot I've tried everything.......


6 Years
Aug 27, 2013
Hello, my hen has had a saw foot for about a month now. I took her to a local farm to get it looked at when it first appeared and I was given a blue spray to use, it didn't work so I went back again and I was given a tonic to use. Unfortunately the girls didn't like being separated so they some how broke her out of segregation and tipped her water out in the process which had the tonic in it. It didn't work. So I have just soaked her foot and bandaged it with some fabric and tape but no one can tell me what it is. I'm worried she's in pain and I can't help her. She is eating (everything) and drinking fine but she isn't putting any weight on it. Please help


It looks like bumblefoot to me. Soak her foot in epsom salts every day for a week or so, and see if that helps. Keep her isolated in a cage/crate/small pen with a sufficient layer of bedding and a low perch. This may be enough to get it to heal. However, I'd also try giving some antibiotics. Penicillin would be a good idea, as would Baytril (but Baytril is rather difficult to find).

Some bumblefoot cases require surgery to remove the core and pus. I've never done any bumblefoot surgery myself, so I can't help you with that personally. However, here is some information on bumblefoot and bumblefoot surgery that may help you:
Thank you I will separate her tomorrow I made a small cage for her and I will keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully my vet will have something for her even though they said they don't deal with chickens (how very rude)! :)
Okay so after a trip to the vet and £53 later I have the smallest bottle of antibiotic you have ever seen. The vet hinted it probably wouldn't clear it and she may need an operation, he said this with pound signs in his eyes but I think I am going to try and do the bumblefoot surgery with my boyfriends mum for support. This is so scary.
I'd try doing the surgery yourself, especially since you have some antibiotic's to give her. The vet is right, it won't likely clear up until you clean it out.

I don't honestly view the vet as just being out for the money, or doctors either. They have to pay overhead expenses and make a living just like all the rest of us.

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