Please Help !!! What breed is this?


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
The adoption center said it was an Ameruacana. The adoption papers said Araucana/ barred rock mix... Please help !!.. So confused! Thank you !!
With the comb and muffs/beard, and coloring it does look like a mix of a barred/cuckoo breed and an EE/Americauna/Araucana.
Looks like an EE with some maran or barred rock cross in its ancestry. I have a similar young cockerel

(In the back) the only difference is how faint the barring on yours is, probably just washed out from cross breeding. I bred a BRx rooster to an EE hen and got mine, yours is probably a similar story. :)
There is a good chance she will lay blue/green eggs, but no way to know for sure since you don't know her ancestry for certain. She looks like she is still a little ways off from laying, a month or so I would guess.
It's simply a mixed breed bird with barring or cuckoo in the ancestry, and Easter egger back there somewhere.The straight comb really cuts down the chances of a blue or green egg, you'll probably get cream or light brown. Looks like eggs aren't far out from redness of the comb.

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