Please help... what do we have? **UPDATE I KNOW NOW!** answer on pg 2.


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Sep 2, 2011
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My husband & I got these 4 chickens at random a few months ago & now we are trying to figure out what they all are & if the white one is a rooster or not. We are new to raising chickens but these guys/gals are like our babies & I wanna know what they are. THANKS!

All the babies in their doorway to their run...

My baby "Mrs Pearl"

The white guy "Foghorn Leghorn" as my 5 year old calls him. (if it is a


& Last but not least, our 2 black/grey babies... these ones have like grey legs...


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You may have a bunch of mixed breeds, possibly all EE with all those pea combs and the white guy's beard. The barred pullet looks to be cuckoo marans(is she single combed?). The last two are cute!!! Blue Crele looking. The second-to-the-last photo looks pretty roo to me.
They all have single combs (I think.)... & I agree w/ "Mrs Pearl", I thought she was a cuckoo marans but I wasn't sure. My husband said he thought our white one was a white leghorn. & so maybe one of the black & grey ones might be a roo? That would be cool!
I agree with the first responder. Looks like mixed breed (don't look to be marans or leghorn - full breed anyway) Comb and body is off. They do appear to be EE/barnyard mix. Where did you get them from?? They are way cute though and love your white one
I know what breed they are... Can give you a definet answer... Chickens... Specifically, ChobeeChickenMommy breed. Aren't they a great breed?

I love barnyard mutts. You never know what characteristics you are going to end up with, but they have great personality. And they all look very very adorable!
You just cracked me & my husband up! They seem to be shy for right now but we do have a 5 year old & a 2 year old going in and out of the coop at the moment cause they love them so much!

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