please help with baby chicks is sons school

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  1. jartis1966

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    Apr 18, 2007
    my sons headstart class has baby chicks that they hatched from eggs the problem is they lost 2 off them and another one is dieing it is bleeding from the but and it looks like its lossing its inside its so sad there are still 4 other chicks that seem to be fine right now but i want to know why the other chicks died and if there is any thing to keep the other ones from dieing and if its something my 4 year old can catch
    thanks to any one who can help me
  2. chickbea

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    Jan 18, 2007
    What you are describing sounds like omphalitis, or mushy chick disease. It's caused by too much humidity in the incubator. The navel doesn't heal properly, and soon gets full of bacteria. Unfortunately, it is fatal to the chicks. The remaining ones may be fine, but the problem can still show up a week or so after hatch.
    If your son washes his hands after being around the chicks, I wouldn't worry about disease. However, since these chicks are already at risk for trouble, I wouldn't let anyone handle them - especially kids who sometimes have trouble being gentle.
    Many unfortunate things can happen in the incubation process, even under the best of conditions. A high quality incubator goes a long way to remedying these sad events.
    Hopefully the remaining babies will be OK.

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