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    So I have an assorted flock of 8 chickens until tonight....i went out to close my coop door anx noticed a hen was missing....i found her in the corner of the cage part under the coop by herself and she wS was also cooler Nz raining(it's very unlike any of my chickens to not sleep in the box at night) Immediatly went to herand tried to wake her up..she was breathing but unresponsive...i then got her out and wrapped in a towel(she opens her eyes briefly twice then was still asleep) her skin was slightly pale and she was cold...i then took her inside nd put her under a heat soon as I turned it on she had a heart attack and died :( the other chickens are totLly fine...she has been eating and drinking normally and they free range for a couple hours in the evening...the coop is also on grass and I give them plenty of grit and feed and water...the chicken that does was a red sexlink...has this happened to anyone else? All this happened within 5 hours
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    I'm not sure what that is. I've never had anything like that happen.[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I've had what appears to be a healthy chicken one day be found dead the next day. I think chickens dying of heart failure isn't uncommon, you probably caught her in the middle of dying and there was nothing you could do. Chickens aren't as long lived as commonly read, and like every other creature some don't live as long as others.
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