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  1. berry7mango

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    May 21, 2016
    I got a silkie for Christmas last year, he was supposed to be a girl but now crows very early in the Moring. Then I was given a

    bantam cross silkie by one f my dads friends (she was his last chicken left) and now she has laid egg, she lays them every second

    day. So far she has lain 5 in total but I gave two to my dogs because my dad said the probably weren't fertilized. she has lain another

    three but I don't want to give these to my dogs ( she had me in tears because she was going to lay and egg again but I thought she

    was looking for her eggs) My roosters name is mango and he is not quite 6 months yet, I will be on the 22 of may, and my hen is

    berry but I have no idea how old she is. He is quite " quite friendly" but he is very clumsy. Do you think the eggs are fertile?

    she doesn't sit on them as much as I know. Do you think I must leave them or should I incubate them?

    Thanks you for any replies I really want another baby chicken they are soooooo cute!!!!!
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    [​IMG] Do an on site search on 'bulls eye fertility'. Type this in the search bar at the top of the page and conduct the search. Allow her to build a clutch (just leave the eggs), and she will very likely set on them when she is ready. Good luck.
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    Checking fertility:



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