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7 Years
May 29, 2012
A mallard couple laid an egg in out garden..we watched carefully as we have dogs and were worried she would abandon the egg she laid....she did....we have kept the egg in an incubator and candled it today. The veins were spreading correctly as per images on the net....the black dot was there...what I am seeing today made me think that something has gone wrong. Any advise please
Can you still see the veins? As long as you can the embryo is still alive inside the egg. You didnt mention how far into incubation the egg is - but at around 7- 10 days the yolk can look very much like that in my duck eggs. How often have you been turning the egg?
Duckyfromoz...thank you so much for replying...
We think we are day 14.....assuming she laid the egg the day she vanished...
3/4 times a day we turn him....there are veins but not as obvious as they were as the egg gets darker...i will attache another picture taken last night of the other side with the darker dot. Would you be able to explain what the red dots are along the darkened edge..thank you in advance :)
as the embryo grows it iwll get harder and harder to see the veins but you should be bale to see movement at this point when you candle.
and even right up until hatch you should be able to see veins right along the air cell.

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