Please I.D my new chicks especially the dark ones,

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by peteccfc, Jun 7, 2016.

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    We're going to need some more information [​IMG] and better pics.

    Are the eggs from your flock? Who are the potential parents, breeds and genders.
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    12 eggs total 8 eggs hatched, 2 vorwerks, 1 welsummer, 1 dark brahma, 1 golden laced wyandotte 1 barred wyandotte - the rest are from pekin bantams - thanks I bought the large fowl fertile eggs for my broody
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    The darkest one with the chipmunk strip is the welsummer.
    The two with the golden heads and wing tips will be the vorwerks.
    Obviously the two smaller ones are the pekins.

    Not sure about the others.

    Your broody looks incredibly similar to my star broody Tasha, who was advertised at auction as an araucana but definitely isn't pure bred as she lays flesh coloured eggs instead of blue. My guess is that she has some leghorn in her. Do you know the parentage of your broody?



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