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  1. joe17

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    Nov 25, 2009
    I have been trying to start a nice silkie flock for a while now. I got 2 dozen shipped eggs from Bobbi Porto and only three hatched. I am desperately trying to start a good quality blue black and splash flock!! I am from Louisiana and no body in the whole state even has pet quality silkies!! If you all know ANY BODY that owns silkies in Louisiana, let me know! Give me their website or number etc..... I have tried looking on the american silkie association site but I dont see any breeders. Please! I am desperate!! I will travel to buy eggs or chicks!
  2. HHandbasket

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    What part of Louisiana are you in? We have friends in Lake Charles & Baton Rouge... I can ask around, see what I can find out. How far are you willing to go? I know someone in Shreveport, too--he doesn't have chickens, but I bet you money he knows someone who does.
  3. ultasol

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    Apr 30, 2009
    SE Washington
    Make arrangements with a person who shows to buy a pair of birds in the fall. You are better of paying to buy adult or sub adult birds to get started- you will have a better idea of quality and will know exactly what you are getting.

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