Please my chicks could come at any time!

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  1. [​IMG] Ok, so what is your guys bleach part? I got some used chick stuff and my firend told me it needed to be cleaned, so how do I do so? [​IMG]
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    Scrub everything in hot soapy water with some bleach added, then dry thoroughly, that's all. Don't get the pure bleach on your clothes, as it is very potent and can burn holes in your clothes, that's why you have to dilute it, not a bad idea to wear rubber cloves to protect your hands.
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    yeah, just throw it all in the bathtub with hot water and some bleach and a little dish soap, then rinse VERY well and you're good to go.
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  4. How much or does it matter?
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    One part bleach to nine parts water will give you a 10% solution. That should do the trick. After washing, allow everything to sun dry if possible.

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