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    [​IMG] I guess I am always asking for prayer.But this is very serious.My husband has Eplilesey and Neuropathy.A pretty bad case of it.Yesterday we were at the ER,from 2:00 until late last night.He was really out of it.He did not know day from night.And could not focus.He could not even walk without falling.I was so upset I could not even drive.So I called 911,and they picked him up and I rode with him.So thye asked me on the phone,was there anyone that I needed for them to contact.I said yessss.Our sons.Twins,32yrs.old.So thye did and I have never heard of so much complaining.Why did I call? You should have already took him before now.Well I have been taking him all this time,for several yrs.It seems that we can never plan anything.Why didn`t you call me.I said I ahve and you will never return my call.So I decided if i called you would not pick up.So thta is why I took advantage of the nurse from the Hospital ER called you.They both got VERY MAD!!!!!And this is not the 1st time they have done this to me.Accused me of OVERDOSING THEIR DAddy.So one of them came and stayed the whole time.He said well they done blood work and he said well I guess wewill see now,thta you are overdosing him.They done a CT Scan.And it come back good and the meds,that his takes come back and ,he jumped up and came over and looked ,as if i was a fool.Dr.said all was in reason ,as far as the levels of meds.But he did drop one of his meds.And you know he went and called his twin and told him that it was right he was over dosed.He told a big one.And then called his Aunt and told her the same thing.I am so tired of this going on and on.And they have even tried to get a petion up to move me out.Please pray for us.He don`t need this and I don`t either.His sodium was low again and Blood pressure was very high.I am so upset and don`t know what to do.,Pray please that all will work out.I can not take this much any more.All I can do is cry.He came back home,but is weak.He don`t have strength to do hardly anything.I would appreciate it so much for all of your prayers. Sandra
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    I'm so sorry. Prayers being sent !
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    Prayer's headed your way [​IMG]

    If the "twins" are gonna cause more stress, next time don't bother to call them. JMHO.
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    Prayers said and my thoughts are with you [​IMG]
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you! [​IMG]
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    Oh Sandra. I am so very sorry you are haveing to deal with this..and your sons! Jeesh! They need to be thankfull that you are there for him! Peace and prayers to you my friend.[​IMG]
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    My father lives with me after a disabling stroke....unable to walk, dress himself, shave, etc. In addition, the stroke has left him with eplipsy. The medications are terrible but are a must. My sister, who never has time for Daddy, came to visit us one night after he had taken his meds which had left him very very sleepy. She accused me of overdosing....well honey I wiped around and told her I had been his sole caregiver for almost two years and I would be MORE than happy for her to try her turn with Daddy. That shut her up real quick. He has never even spent the day with her...

    I promise you one thing, if you think for one minute they will even be receptive to caring for him...your wrong. If by chance I'm wrong, let them try and you go on a MUCH needed time off while he and they learn a thing or two about each other.
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    Feb 17, 2008
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    I sure need them,a;; the prayers I can get.I am so upset,I can not hardly see theis keys,Love yall and keep praying,,,,,I know God can do miracles.And he only knows how much.It feels like a part of my heart is ripped out.And I love them to death,Thye are so special to me.but thye treat me like I am nothing......
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    Praying for you guys. Lord let right and truth prevail and a good plan for treatment and healing.
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    Nov 2, 2008
    Quote:Could not have said better myself Sandra,

    I looked after my mother with Dementia for 14 years.

    Tell your sons to take a hike and keep your friends around you that believe in you. If your hubby gets to feel better make him speak to these boys and put them straight.

    You have the evidence that proves you are doing good fromthe doctors. Don't let it go...

    Wishing you strength and some kind of support. Believe in yourself.

    Jena. xx

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