Please, need some good news on shipping?


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Apr 11, 2010
I had posted on another thread, don't think it will get out there.
I had some eggs shipped to me on Mon. Today is Fri. Still no eggs! Is this ok? The folks I'm getting them from are only a couple of states over. I ordered some from someone else the first of the year, same state, they came in three days. So, what is the longest you have had eggs out in the mail and have done well, or even ok? Tomorrow is Sat! the whole weekend if they don't come by tomorrow will be a whole week! I understand that their are issues with handling during shipment. But I'm worried that it's taking too long. Don't want to say who it is, because they may still want to work something out. I haven't heard from them yet today. I keep letting them know that the eggs haven't come yet. My DH was laid off from a job that he worked at for 25 years, just short of retirement. (Meanies) So, I was treating myself to some pure eggs. I've hatched out some $4.00 barn yard cuties..but really was/am excited for these others, and they cost a whole lot more than $4.00.
Please, let me know if any of you have had some come a week later in the mail. Thanks!
I have, at times, had packages take quite a bit longer than a week, even priority. Things happen. However, in this time of year and the heat, I wouldn't count on eggs being good in a box for a week or more. :-(

Do you have a tracking number for them?
They didn't send one.
I have had them arrive 8 days
Bad part is with it being summer they may not be any good to you now
Check them good when they do arrive and if they smell their no good
Sorry for your issue and hope you the best
Thats not good............sorry! The seller probably will understand...........let him/her know! She may send you more!
Yes, I was worried about the heat..especially since it's from Texas! Well, I'm not sure how to check the eggs either..I do know how to candle once they have started..but not sure what I am looking for before placing in bator?
Maybe we can think on the positive side that they didn't send them, yet? I'd request a tracking number. If they continue not responding, I would file with pay pal. I think you have to wait 10 days after you send pay pal to do so.

JMO, a seller not responding to e-mails about a package not being received is not a good sign in my experience. Not saying that yours is up to ill will, but most sellers should know this.
Thanks asher. That's a thought if they don't respond today. They have responded in the past. Maybe haven't gotten to the computer today, but they knew that I hadn't gotten the eggs on, I have also thought..maybe, just maybe, they haven't shipped yet, but they did say they were on Mon.
Thanks all that responded here...sounds like if they do come..I will not have too much luck on hatching.
We shall see....
I would love to give you good news regarding shipped eggs, but I can tell you it is a rough world out there. I do not have much trouble with breakage or timing. I do have trouble with eggs coming in with very loose air cells.

I just hatched some 30 plus eggs from a very good breeder and shipper. I saw the tremulant air cells when they arrived and consider myself fortunate that I hatched four nice chicks.

Shipped eggs are not for the faint of heart.

I wish you the best. Heat is an added risk this time of year. Other trauma can be very taxing as well.
Its hard enough hatching shipped eggs that are ON time much less late...... but who knows!? Anything is possible!

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