Please, people... just be NICE.


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I hate to say this, but lately, some BYCers have been plain MEAN. (Not naming names, if the shoe fits, etc.) It makes no sense. Whether we are Lady Gaga fans, Twilight haters, or circus clowns, we are all here for one reason: To learn about poultry, and have fun at the same time. It hurts to see those I KNOW are nice people being mean.
BYC is not the place for being mean! That's what High School is for! Oh, wait.

We now return to your regular programming.

Ya know...
Why dont you tell the people that you are referring to?? (i mean tell THEM personally...)
Maybe they dont know that they are being "mean"? ..
Thats what i would do, if i had a real probelm with someone being "mean"...
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I always like those...

But you'll have to wait till i delete the 70 that i just got...
I think the problem these days is that we preach tolerance. Tolerance says that no matter what you believe I cannot disagree with it for fear of offending you. Many people (well meaning people) just cannot in good conscience do that. And if you sincerely believe something to be true, you cannot be "tolerant" of things you think to be 100% wrong.
What we should be teaching is respect. Aretha was right- R-E-S-P-E-C-T. While I may not agree with your beliefs I can still respect you as a person. I can respect that you have the right to believe as you like because that is the law in this country. I can respect your right to whatever lifestyle you prefer as that is the law in this country. I don't have to agree that it is right, but I can respect your right to live/believe/act in whatever manner you choose because that is one of our basic freedoms here. If I respect you as a person I will not speak harshly or hatefully to you. I will not discount you because I think you might be wrong. I might even be able to enjoy you as a person because I respect your right to make your own decisions without input from me. In return, you have the respect for me and my beliefs and lifestyles to not insist that I believe as you do.
Let's face it. America being what it is will always be a hotbed of disagreement. We will never all agree on what is the "right" lifestyle/religion/politics/etc. If only we could have a little respect for each other. It would be a much nicer place.


Okay... off my soapbox now. Sorry to hijack the thread!
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