Please people, love our children, WATCH FOR BUSES!

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  1. Alot of people just dont realize that school buses do stop along the State Roads. Speeding drivers or drivers just plainly not paying attention because a road seems "CLEAR" end up hitting buses that are stopping to pick up or drop off students. Several of these accidents have happened here in Union County more then you can realize. Pay attention! Slow Down! Just cuz the road seems to be clear and carless doesn't mean that it actually is!
    This is the most recent one that just happened this year. I saw the bus and it wasn't pretty!

    There was also a big accident that happened in 2007, that result of a Semi Truck driver that hit a van and ran it into the back of the bus. The van was driven by a 16 year old with a learners permit and was carrying children from infant and up. Every child in the van were killed. Many on the bus were severely injured. When The mother of the children in the van called and told the grandfather of the accident, he died of a heart attack that very moment.
    found the news report:

    Take care of our for BUSES!
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    Jun 29, 2009
    Oh how sad!!! [​IMG]

    I understand the driver of the car was only 15, but she was doing nothing wrong. There is no mention of the driver of the water truck that plowed into them!!! I don't understand.....
  3. I worry every day when my kids go to school because their bus goes all along the State Road and there are high speeding drivers along the roads. The accident of the van happened just down the road from us. There is a memorial display of the 7 kids that died with butterfly garden statues and flowers. The people that live in front of the accident keep the area very nice and flowers are grown in the area as well. Only thing we can do is remind people to slow down for our children and buses....
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    I drive a school bus. Therefore must be insane....

    I've noticed that this year has been.... BAD

    3 minor accidents that I have personally seen in the course of my route. 2 caused by car drivers who just had to try to beat the bus, one rear ender cause they just didn't pay attention. This is in the last 3 months.... Ones that I have seen!

    I stopped counting how many have been in the paper! It seems like it is every other week!

    I've had people in cars and delivery vehicles "Blow" my red lights... Not run them... Watch me with the yellows on and NEVER take their foot off the gas and FLY Thru the reds while looking at me... DO you know how hard it is to get the plate number and description to report it?

    I'm not sure what is going on in some peoples minds.......
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    In the accident McCord6 is talking about, the driver of the truck was charged and sentenced (I believe) daughter was a first responder..horrible, horrible wreck!!
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    always wondered why they never installed seat belts in school buses...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    We have seat belts in our buses.... Kids use them for weapons!!!
  8. yes he was changed but he also had many other things on his case that didn't relate to the bus accident. It was horrible. I dont know the mother of the kids in the van but I do know she is the foster mom of my husband's 2 cousins and now has custody of one of the cousin's daughter. They didn't only loose the kids, but the father as well in a heart attack. The accident killed HIM as well even though he wasn't even in it!

    The buses for Union County all have seat belts now. My kids wear harness, MY REQUIREMENT! I told the bus garage that I refused to have my kids ride the bus without a harness on, they had no choice but set one up. My son doesn't sit still on the bus anyways so he was forced to wear one rather my requirement or not. Better safe then sorry.

    Thing is...can 1 bus driver keep up with 20 to 50 students and make sure ALL have seats belts on? Nope, you cant really see if everyone has them on from the front and with budget cuts, they cant afford Assistances for the regular buses, just the ESE bus.
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    I was putting my oldest grandson on the bus one day last week and he had just gotten on she hadn't even shut off the lights or put the sign off and the car behind the bus came wheeling around to pass before she got going . It's rediculous! If your in that much of a hurry you should have left earlier.
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  10. Quote:Oh I know of that! DS has hit his sister in the face with the seat belt a few weeks ago. She had a big bump and a bruise on the side of her head. Hubby had a LONG talk with that boy as well as the can punishment. (can punishment is when we put the kids in the corner and they hold veggie cans above their head for a while. Regular corners don't work with them and we are not spanking. The Veggie cans work though, once they see us bring them out, they start crying. It doesn't hurt them, just makes their arms tired of holding the cans up above their head and boy do they not like that).
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