Please- Photos of YOUR chickens of the following breeds-

off-grid hen

Mar 1, 2011
Upstate NY
Hi everyone, I just ordered chicks and was looking for photos of full grown hens.

(Edit- now that I think of it, I'll happily gaze photos of any age of these breeds. It'll be good to see how they grow.)

I have searched for photos of some, but noticed that I got incorrect photo links for some of them. (Example- I googled red leghorns and got links to RIR's.) Others are too small to see the detail. I don't want illustrations either. Also- some are just side views, etc. Hens only please, its seems that rooster photos are everywhere. I know, I'm asking a lot.

I ordered some rose comb brown leghorns, red leghorns, partridge rock hens, partridge cochins (no shortages of photos here- gorgeous bird!), and speckled sussex. I wish I had enough room to try gold laced wyandottes and partridge dominiques. Maybe next year, huh? I will see how I do with these 15 birds.

Edit- forgot to say please.
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I have never heard of a Partridge Dominique. Anyone have any pics? I looked on Feathersite and googled them and came up with nothing.
Hm. I checked the site of the hatchery we ordered thE chicks from, and I am mistaken, of course. I must have looked at too many breeds in one day and got confused.
. Unless there is a different variety in the paper catalog that isn't online. Can't check it til Monday, I left it at work. I'm sure there was another partridge something that I wanted... Also wanted buckeyes and chanteclers. So many breeds, so little time!

Thanks for the photos! They look so preeeeetty, I'm so excited!
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