Please Please give me your opinion, it is day 20!!!!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
I have a 30 +/- silkie and mixed farm eggs in the hatcher (Spent 18 days in Hovabator with turner, avg temp 99.0-101, Humidity 50%-60%) They are now in the hatcher (older Hovabator with no turner).

ISSUE!!! - I woke up this morning with 40% humidity!!! I added water with a straw down the vent hole and it is now back to 55%-60%, will this destroy my hatch?????

Please give me your experience or opinion, I am freaking out, my 2 young sons have been waiting for 20 days for chicks, I must hold up to my end of the deal!!!!!
Did you fill the tray in the wells that they tell u too in instructions? I had the same problem would go to work with humidity right and come back to it being below 25. Read the directions and haven't had any issues since following them. Just a little suggestion.
I maintained 50% to 60% during incubation by keeping 1 trough partially full and both plugs in. My hatcher was used and didnt come with the plugs, (have been so excited that I didnt even notice) I just taped up the two holes and it seems to be holding steady at 60% (After I added water with a straw). Thanks for the advice, I just hope I dont have a heart attack before tomorrow!!! lol
I agree they should be fine....I have found my silkie eggs prefer 40-50% humidity durring incubation though and 60-70% at hatch.

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