Please please help! New chicken mommy with sick bird.

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    Jul 31, 2016
    This is my first time having chickens.
    Hi I have a 3 week old serama?? And I've had her for a day and a half and this morning I noticed she's the only one who Doesn't poop. I did notice sone rusty colored crust under her and near her legs but not near the rear. Since then she has been eating and drinking, lthough seems lethargic. Tonight I noticed her tummy was so big it was touching the floor. I called every vet in a 30 mike radius and no one could help so I called a friend who has chickens and works with them and she suggested the poly vitamin drops. While I was getting instructions for the Polly I gave her apple cider water then the poly drop which she hated BUT a small poop came out right after!!! I was so happy held her under a heat lamp and cuddles her till dry then left her with the rest of the birds 5(total 2 silkies adult and juvenile and 2 5 day old silkies and penny my serama) with access to apple cider water.[​IMG]
    The picture is from earlier the second from when I started running her bum under warm water and massaging her tummy before the poly and poop.
    Her tummy is still pretty big. I am treating her water with corid, everything is clean an sterile. She's eating chicken starter with grit available. I really adore her and can't find a **** vet to help me :(
    Does anyone have any advice or similar experience. I'm so desperate to save these birds.
    Another has sores in her mouth so I think they were sick when I got them but I just want to help them and not just return them please help.

    New chicken momma

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