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    My EE about 30 weeks old is sick and getting worse..she walks kind of wobbly seems to lose some balance. Droppings stuck below her vent (what is a gentle way to clean?) Dirty bum feathers. She seems weak and more fluffed than normal. She did lay an egg yesterday and just seems worse today.

    I ran to feed Corid 9.6 oral solution and Wazine 17..figured just good to have on hand. The only way I can isolate her is to keep her in my shower stall..The door doesn't go to ceiling and I can open a window in bathroom if need be. If this ok what do I put her on..old towels? Which medicine should I give her and dose..I totally blow at math..any advice will be so helpful..thank you
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    If she were mine, I would definitely start with the Corid. It's unlikely these symptoms come from worms, which is what the Wazine is for. It may not be cocci either, but you have the med, and if it is, it can be very serious -- and the med is essentially harmless so it's definitely worth a try, IMO. Here is the instructions for giving the Corid:
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    Corid is very safe, so in addition to the 9.5ml (2 teaspoons), you could give her .2ml per 2.2 pounds orally on the first day. This is what I have started doing when I suspect coccidiosis in one of mine.


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