Please, PLEASE. My baby chinese goose is dying!!! Update. she died.

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    She's 3 weeks old, and has been eating non-medicated feed and water with a bit of broiler booster in it (has niacin)... yesterday she was fine. this morning, she cannot stand, and her head wobbles all over like an old person with parkinsons. her feet and bill are pale, and her feet were a bit cold (so i put her under the heat lamp). I have no idea what is wrong. She went out into the broiler tractor yesterday (an old truck cap with fence around), but so did the 26 meaties and the baby duck... all of which are totally fine. Her vent area looks normal, I haven't SEEN her poop, but i assume she is doing... I put some water down her throat with a syringe... some water with nutritonal yeast (more niacin!) .... and I am frantic and crying. please, I hope someone can help. I tried penicillin.. it didn't help. she was dead when I got back home after taking my kids to camp.
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    I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but thought I'd give it a bump. Unfortunately, sometimes these things happen. If you haven't already, I'd seperate it from the rest of the flock. Good luck!

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