Please post pics and description of your chicken pluckers!! :)


9 Years
May 18, 2010
Our first ever batch of meaties will be ready to process in a couple of weeks!! We were planning to get them processed locally but really we'd prefer not to spend the extra $3 per bird + gas. So I think we're going to attempt it ourselves...

We plan to get some cones and do the deed that way. I'd like to buy or build a plucker, I'd love to see pics of what everyone here uses.
We have an EZ plucker.

We bought the plans to build a whizbang but once we looked at the list of what was needed, it became quickly apparent that it was going to cost more to build one than we thought. We ended up going with the EZ because it comes with a warranty, it's stainless steel, and we didn't have to build it. We found one on sale and have been extremely happy with it so far. We plan on doing 500-1000 birds a month so a plucker is definitely a necessity.
I just bought an EZ Plucker from Peter at CCOnly. He was very good to deal with and the plucker is well built. I looked at building a plucker, but factoring the cost of parts and my time, as well as the finished product, it was a lay down decision to spend just a little bit more and getting the EZ Plucker. I don't regret it one bit. We processed almost seventy birds last weekend and it worked fine. Also, the cones he sells are WELL MADE. Very well made. A good value all around.
I bought my EZ-PLUCKER from and my bro built one Whizbang ..

when he saw my EZ-PLUCKER and knew how much i was paid .. he was hard to believe & jealous !!!

I got my EZ-131 for $620 ( OTD ) and i pick up at the truck stop .. ( Stainless steel Plucker )
My bro spend $770 + 4 days + drove many time to hardward store --- for a ( 2X4 PLUCKER )

This is the list of parts you need to buit one and where he bought those parts ..
All New parts - Total out-of-pocket costs: $770

Plan book: Anyone Can Build Whizbang Books ( $19 -- )
Electric Motor GE 1 HP ( $172 -- Tractor Supply Company )
FEATHERPLATE SHAFT ( $54 Whizbang site - Herrick's )
Main Driven Pulley 16" w ( $54 Whizbang site - Herrick's )
2.5" Drive Pulley ( $12.75 -- Tractor Supply Company )
Drive Belt, 63" 4L 1/2" ( $14.5 -- Tractor Supply Co )
Water Hookup Materials ( $12 -- Home Depot )
150 Rubber Plucker Fingers ( $80 -- ebay - cconly )
Lumber: 2x4s, 2x6s, 1.5x3s ( $18 -- Home Depot )
Weathertite box, Romex cable , Carriage Bolts ( $35 -- Home Depot )
electrical wire, wire nuts, staples , Switch , Screws , Hardware , Washers ( $42 -- Home Depot )
FEATHERPLATE ( $95 -- ebay )
IDLER ARM HARDWARE KIT ( $34 Whizbang site - Herrick's )
Plastic juice barrel for plucker tub ( $15 -- Local )
Misc. Hardware, Lag/Carriage Bolts ( $28 -- Home Depot )
Stain + paint ( for wood frame ) ( $28 -- Home Depot )
Two 10" diameter wheels ( $24.75 -- Tractor Supply Company )
Two 1" Bore Pillow Block Bearings ( $32 -- ebay )

Good luck !!!!

oh!! CCONLY they also have best price and QT on the killing cone
i also have an EX plucker and it is awesome! I build a hardware cloth basket to catch the feather. That lets the water run through. I plumbed in a valve and waterhose connection. I also upgraded the wheels to larger ones that will roll in the yard. I did 18 birds on Wednesday and it took about 10 seconds per bird to pluck them clean. 18 birds in about 2 hours to include setup and cleanup! It was awesome! I strongly recommend one and it make it so much easier. I plan to breed dark cornish rooster over barred rock hens, and start my own strain of meat birds and not have to buy them. I know they will be slower, but that's ok with me.

Oh yeah! buy the time I figured the cost of parts and my time to build a plucker. I came out better buying the stainless steel EZS plucker!
We built the Whizbang plucker. We spent two evenings after work putting it together. It cost us about $650. A friend is splitting the cost with us.

Here's a picture of our Whizbang:


If you search on Craigslist you may be able to find someone who is willing to rent their plucker. I think the going rate is $25/day.
Whiz-Bang just built it about two weeks ago. love it... I think prob because I took tome to build it by the specs in the book it means mor
does an awesome job.. Maybe 250.00 in it
Have seen and used the whiz bang plucker when took a class with the Coop Extension Agency and it was amazing, however we didn't have the money to put into that at the moment so we went the old fashioned route. Scalding pot for 60 seconds then handed them to our kids to start plucking. Really not that bad if you don't try and do too many at one sitting. We spread it out over two weekends and just finished the last 10 this morning.
That is the boat we're in and will have to with the free labor of our kids. With six kids plucking we should be done in no time.
I really hop that our neighbor starts doing meat birds then we would build a plucker and rent it out to him.
I know this is an old thread, but I am putting together a chicken plucker. I have 11 birds that are several years old and have slowed their laying way down. Also, they were freebees from a friend and have bad genetics (bad feet and thin shelled eggs).

So we are going to get a new flock going this winter, but what to do with the 11 we have? Last time I slaughtered I swore it was my last time because the plucking was so tedious. At least my 11yo would help.

This time, I told my son (now 13) that we are getting ready to slaughter and he said he would be busy that day. Time to think about a chicken plucker. I am really interested in a tub type as I think they do the best job.

Looked all over and found prices $600 and up for ready made versions. None to rent in our area that I could find. So went to ebay and found a kit (all but the motor and stand) for $350. Finally pulled the trigger and bought the kit. (I have a motor from an old cement mixer and lots of wood for the base).

So I'll let you know how it goes. Also will probably have one to rent out in the south texas area (near San Antonio) in the next few months.

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