PLEASE Pray for Mark (birdboy88)!!! *UPDATE 7* COMIN HOME!!!!

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    *************** All updates are made on this original post***************

    Mark Pmed me a while ago, saying that he was checking on his chicks and felt something wet on his shirt, he looked down and it was blood. He thought it was one of his chicks bleeding. It wasn't. I don't know where he's bleeding from or why, but he text messaged me and he said he just had a huge clot of blood come out. He's on his way to the ER right now and he asked me to ask you all to PLEASE Pray for him. I am terrified right now he's my buddy and i know he's SEVERAL of your buddies as well, if you know him you love him.... and even if you dont know him ofcourse still pray. [​IMG]

    If I know anything new I will post about it.....[​IMG] [​IMG]


    He's at the ER... his shirt and pants are soaked in blood. I'm all but freaking out over here. I'm hours away from him. I asked him what hospital he is at, i hope he can reply still. And they BETTER be rushing him in a room. Hes bleeding bad but in no pain than God for that....but the blood and no pain really does scare me. I'm hoping it's a severe kidney infection...because i've had those....but it never happened like he explains it is...and i am so scared for him. Since people were asking he is bleeding it seems from his bladder? I am unsure but it's very scary.

    He didnt go to an ER like i thought i wish he would have. He went to a "Doctors Community Hospital" Oh thank gosh! they take emergencies which means they will be prepaired for him (i just looked it up). I am so upset guys. I called my mom about it and she's even mom bleeds a lot from thinning blood, and she said it sounds like it's not a good please guys this is very pleading tell everyone you know to pray for him. Mark is one of my best friends in this whole world and I feel helpless. <---where he's at it was closest for him to drive to i guess.

    UPDATE 3: from what I get from Marks JUST now texting that the bleeding HAS been stopped (but the way he texted it im not sure, so i asked ifi could call him tho im not sure if i can cuz he's goign down for testing lol sigh)...he's been admitted and he's still in no pain. I'm so happy to hear from him [​IMG] I''m not allowed to call him, he got yelled at for texting so he's sneak texting me lol.

    UPDATE 4: he says to tell you all that "tell everyone thank u so much for the prayers" [​IMG] Just gota love that boy! [​IMG]

    UPDATE 5: I know that Mark would love nothing more than to see everyone who can express their love on here, but I know that it would just melt his heart to get cards from all you wonderful people on here at BYC. I'm going to make him a homemade card as I dont have any here and plus I just love being creative and what a better time than when a friend is in need. IF you would like to send him a get well card or anything of the like please PM me and I will give you my address and I'll put together a care package for him. If it's goign to be something big though Im not sure if I can support it all so please just cards or something of the like (candy is okay etc....tho i duno if he likes candy LOL)! I'm going to put together a package of stuff for him, cards from anyone who sends them to me and such. Someone was nice enough to clue me in that'd be safer for him that way. Not that we can't trust anyone on here, just that mark has been through enough already and i dont mind being his screening process first with all the get wells! LOL! Be sure to put your SN on the cards! [​IMG] thank you!

    UPDATE 6: Mark texted me, he still knows nothing and they're still testing him. He snuck in a text to me cuz he wanted to keep us from worrying. I know i appreciated hearin from him *phew*!

    UPDATE 7 MARK IS ON HIS WAY HOME HERE SHORTLY!!!! I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN THAT!!! THANK GOD! THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!!!! *now that he's on his way home, any of you who PMed me wanting to send to him, if you still want him to have hte cards and already made out the envelopes still send them to me and i'll happily send them to him, otherwise just ask him yourself for his addy hehehe if you'd like!* OOH i cant wait to talk to Markie POO like normal!!! *happy dance happy dance*!!!!!!
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  2. [​IMG] OH NO!
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    Keep us posted. I hope it's nothing serious!
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    I don't know him, but I've read a few of his posts and he seems very nice. He's in my prayers!

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    Oh I'm SO sorry to hear that! I sure will pray for him. [​IMG] Please do keep us informed.
  6. i will pray my hardest for him. Hope he is okay.
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    In my prayers. [​IMG]

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    Lord, touch Mark right now. give him peace.
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    goodness I hope he is alright

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    Poor Mark!
    [​IMG] that it's nothing serious!

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