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Please pray for me...*UPDATED TODAY, MAY 11th* MRI RESULTS

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by Rare Feathers Farm, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. This has been a bad few months...first my parents' foreclosure and then this weekend, our new (as of 2006) water pump got fried when the well casing filled with melting snow run-off! So we're looking at $6,000 or so for a new one, PLUS the cost of putting in some additional French drains to prevent the new pump from meeting the same fate.

    Another issue is that since late January, my wrist has been hurting. It started when I made a fleece knotted blanket for my grandmother for Christmas. Then it kind of went away. It came back when I jerked up too hard on a frozen water handle outside. Then went away. One morning, I woke up and it was incredibly painful. I waited two weeks and then went into the doctor. She was not even an MD but the only one I could see at the time. She x-rayed and said it may be sprained? Gave me a brace and told me to take Mortrin (I can't because I get ulcers). Anyway, she told me if it was not better in a couple of weeks, to come back and see the Orthopedic doctor. Three weeks later, it was worse than ever. The brace was a joke and I was wearing about 23.5 hours a day (only taking it off to shower). The new doctor said maybe it's tendonistis from computers? He said that there is nothing I could do besides ice/hot bath, aspirin, etc. He told me to go ahead and use my hand. After less than 24 hours it had swollen up so badly that the skin on the back of my hand SPLIT/CRACKED and was BLEEDING. I iced it and took some Motrin (with food) and it went away. I called back & asked for a referral to a specialist, which I have to drive to Wenatchee (3 hours round trip) to see. The doctor is out of the office until the 30th. So I had to leave a message with his nurse.

    Frustrated, I called another clinic and they got me into a specialist on the 10th of April. So I'm going to Wenatchee then to have a "nerve conduction study" done. Sighs. I'm hoping it's not carpal tunnel but my husband thinks so. I spend nearly 40 hours a week on my computer with work. [​IMG]

    Needless to say because of the pump and possible, upcoming surgery, I need to scale down a little bit. My original coop project I set up for this summer (tripling its' size) has been reduced to doubling the size.

    Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers...
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  2. jbowyer01

    jbowyer01 Just Me!

    Aug 29, 2008
    Hogansville, Georgia
    prayers being sent and good thoughts too.
  3. illinichick

    illinichick Songster

    Mar 31, 2008
    SE Il
    Equibling- I've had the nerve conduction test done on both arms and it is NOT pleasant. I had carpal tunnel surgery done shortly after. You may want to have someone with you as the test did reduce me to tears.
  4. [​IMG] and prayers for you as you go through these rough times! I sure hope that this specialist you're going to see will be able to give you some answers!
  5. Quote:Thank you!
  6. Quote:Oh great! Something to look forward to! [​IMG] Thank you....
  7. Quote:Thank you!

  8. B. Saffles Farms

    B. Saffles Farms Mr. Yappy Chickenizer

    Nov 23, 2008
    Madisonville, TN
    Prayers being sent. Hang in there, everything will get better.
  9. Quote:thank you!
  10. spook

    spook Songster

    Well to say the opposite, not to be contrary towards illinichick, but I had carple tunnel surgery done last year and the nerve study is not a walk in the park, but if it ment getting this pain over and done with, I was all for it.
    The carple tunnel surgery you can have done on both at once, but I had one done in the spring, pre-summer and the other hand in the fall after canning season! So, you can be the boss of your own treatment and I would 100% have things your way when you go to the doc.
    To be honest, my right hand was tender for a week and the left hand I could type 2 days later (modifying how I held my hands). Its reccomended not to do anything, and its wise, but you also have to listen to your body. The sooner you have surgery, the easier and better the odds for no residual effects, that is what most people do.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers, many blessings to you and your family. Forclosure is not the best thing in the world, but perhaps its going to give them a lot of releif in the end. It makes me feel sad to see Forclosure Sale on anything.
    Please take care.

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