please pray for my co-worker, she has passed away.

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    I have a co-worker that in the last two and a half weeks found out she has lung cancer(never smoked), lost her mother and her mother-in-law. Also when she went for some treatment her lung got punctured, so she can't have any treatments until it heals. So please as many people as possible please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    My coworker Jenny has passed away this week. Please pray for her family in this tough time. She was only 62 years old, and she had a son and daughter and grandchildren whom she adored and they adored her. Pleas pray for all of them in their time of need. She was diagnosed at the beginning of the school year, and she is already gone. It happened so fast. God Bless you Jenny.
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    sending prayers and good vibes
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    Prayer said. [​IMG]
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    Prayers will be sent. [​IMG]
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    Prayers being sent
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    Please keep those good vibes and prayers coming.
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    Prayers sent. [​IMG]
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    Dear Lord, I petition you for healing of the body and comfort for the grief of this woman. I know God that all things work for the good of those who love You and that You are the Great Healer and Comforter. Please surround this woman with the Peace that passeth all understanding and helpers and earthly angels who will be there for her in her times of need. We praise you Lord for the friends that this woman has that are standing in the gap for her. We thank you Lord for reminding us constantly of your presence in our life. Thanks you for the comfort and assurance that we are never alone in this world as long as we believe in you and trust in you completely. Thank you for the gift of salvation and life eternal through your Son in whose name I pray. Amen.


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