Please pray for this girl. It's so sad.

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    May 8, 2009
    Hello everyone. I'd like to ask you to pray for a girl. I cannot give you a name because I do not have one. She lives in the Middle East and her parents found out she's a Christian. They took away her Bible, all her contact with her only Christian friend miles away here in the U.S., they took her worship Ipod that her friend gave her, goes on and on. I would like you to pray for her because her situation is so awful and hard to fathom. I don't know her, but her friend spoke today in our Chapel at school and I really think they could both use prayer. The girl called her friend one last time the other day (she had to sneak out and use a payphone or something like it at 2 a.m.) and they're forbidden to talk to one another. Thanks for reading this and please pray. I know I can't really explain it as well as the woman did today, but I feel like this is something that needs a ton of prayer.
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    Faith added to yours with prayer.

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