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    Hello, I am planning on writing a book about my silkie chicks. But I'm going to start off by writing it in installments for BYC, so that I will finish it. Please post feedback and join the Fan Club!!!!


    The EPIC SAGA.......

    *****~~~~~******THE SPICE HEROES***~~~~~*****


    Salt, Pepper and Cinnamon were just three ordinary little chickens. Okay, so their silkied feathers had no barbicels and looked like hair. Maybe silkies were an ancient Chinese breed with blue skin and earlobes- what then? Salt, Pepper and Cinnamon were just regular fowl, living in the kitchen till they could be moved in with the big girls. Not show birds or anything.

    At least, this is what everyone thought at the coop until the fateful morning when Lady Ophelia Wyandotte went missing. The other pullets woke up on their perch and stretched and yawned. “Where is Ophelia?” Desdemona, Ophelia’s sister Silver Laced Wyandotte clucked indignantly.
    “Was she kidnapped? I bet she was!” A delicately built slim Barred Rock put in nervously.
    “Shut up, Annabel! I bet Diana took her to see the vet or something.”
    Blackie, a shiny Black Sex Link with beautiful orange coloring yawned and hopped off the perch down onto the droppings board. “Anyway, she will probably show up.” Blackie flapped down to the coop floor. The other girls followed her lead. [​IMG]

    WHERE is OPHELIA? Was she KIPNAPPED? Read the next episode of (insert theme music)


    New episodes will be coming! ! ! !


    If you liked the prologue, stay tuned and join the S.S.F.C.

    The Official Super Silkies Fan Club!


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    Episode 1 of the Epic Saga


    All morning, no one could find Ophelia. By noon every pullet was worried.

    “Maybe we should ask the blue chickens if they saw her.” Mary Lou, Annabel’s fat Barred Rock sister said doubtfully.
    “Mary Lou, they’re called silkies! And how could they know? They were in the kitchen all night!” Annabel snapped.
    But Blackie was already there, over by the house with the silkies. They cowered underneath the porch stairs,afraid. “Yes, we saw Mis’ Ophelia,” Pepper, the bravest little chick peeped.
    “This big fuwwy ting was holding her and he wooked at us troo de window. We wus scawwed!” Cinnamon, a partridge silkie, looked nervous.
    “Den he wan away!” Added Salt, the fluffiest chick. By this time all the girls were overand huddled.
    “H-how scary!” Both Barred Rocks were terrified.
    Blackie let out a strangled cluck. “Thank you guys.”
    The chickens all raced under the rosebush to cluck over the matter.

    That night, the fox returned. He sneaked around the backyard fence. “Why more chicks? Too small! Too small! Rotten rotisserie size,” he kept muttering. Coming to the house he stuck his arm through the window screen and scooped up the slumbering silkies. Then he raced back down through the woods, over a barbed wire fence, under a valley, to THE COOP.

    What is the coop? Why did the fox kidnapped the chickens? Will they escape?
    Read the next episode of (insert theme music)


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    Teaser sentence::::

    In the old wooden COOP stood……..a chicken.

    More episodes coming soon; as in this weekend so keep checking back!!!!!!!!!

    Please join the fan club!!!!!

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    More More.. [​IMG]
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    Episode 2: The EVIL LAIR

    In the old wooden coop stood……..a chicken. A hen. Wearing an eyepatch???
    But not just any hen. This was the EVIL AMERUCANA. “Well, have you got them?” The strange old biddy called impatiently to the fox. She clucked with an accent….her raspy voice grated on the young chicks’ ears.

    “What’s dat?” Salt whispered to Cinnamon, her BF. The fox gulped “Yes milady” tossed the fluffy chicks at the biddy, and fled. Salt, Pepper and Cinnamon were alone in the coop…with a psychopath! ! !

    “Yes, these shall do very well,” clucked milady. She called “Ned and Ted!” and the strangest pair of White Leghorn roosters ever seen came in….on roller skates!!!

    Roger roger yes milady. The roosters said in strange flat voices, both at the same time. Shall we put these with the other captives?

    "Cluck." The hen had the meanest look in her one eye ever seen in chickendom. "We shall ransom them to the girl."

    Very well then milady. The roosters roller stated the chicks into a room filled with chickens of all sizes. Broilers, lots of baby chicks, and in one corner......Ophelia.

    EPISODE THREE: The Bantam Menece Revealed!

    Coming tommorow!!!!
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    cool. i subscribed!!! [​IMG]
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    Will somebody pulleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez join the fan club???? [​IMG]
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    cool ! I'll join the fan club! Awesome stories! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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